5 Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Garage

April 5, 2022

If you are looking around your home for things that require your attention this spring, make sure you include the garage on your list. It might be too cluttered or messy, or close to running out of space for your valuables. Fortunately, Innovative Spaces, Inc. has your back. We&#x2019ve compiled five tips to help you clean out your garage and make more room.

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

1. Declutter and Organize

When cleaning out your garage, you&#x2019ll want to take out everything that is not screwed or nailed down, starting from the smallest objects up to the biggest. This will then give you the opportunity to check if you still need most of them or not. Organize them in boxes, each for items you intend to keep, donate, recycle, toss, or sell.

2. Air Out Your Garage

Once your garage is emptied and all of the items are sorted out, make sure to air out the whole space for some time. Keep the windows and doors open to let stale air out and fresh air in. Since the whole space has been opened up anew, this will make the airflow in your garage uninterrupted. A box fan directed at an open window helps hasten the ventilation process.

3. Wipe Down and Sweep Out

After ventilating your garage, it&#x2019s time to sweep and wipe. Expect the surfaces to have accumulated a great deal of dust and dirt since the last time you cleaned the space. Be sure to open the garage doors for the dust and dirt to escape. Don&#x2019t forget to wear a dust mask if you are particularly sensitive to dust. Focus on all the flat surfaces first so you won&#x2019t be finding dusty areas after you place your items back in. 

4. Clean and Inspect Your Garage Door

Once you&#x2019re done sweeping and making sure that no surfaces are dusty, it&#x2019s time to give your garage doors a deep clean. Both the door interior and exterior should be rinsed off with water from a hose to get rid of any loose dirt and wiped with a sponge or cloth soaked in a detergent-water mixture. Make sure to rinse it well with water after. Once done, inspect the garage door&#x2019s components, including the opener and chain drive. See to it that the working parts are well-lubricated and aligned properly.

5. Assess Your Garage Storage and Organization

After cleaning the garage and returning your sorted belongings inside, it&#x2019s time to determine if the items have a designated home within the space. If there&#x2019s none, consider improving the functionality of your space by investing in storage solutions. At Innovative Spaces, Inc., we create custom cabinets to ensure proper garage organization and make your next spring cleaning an easier and faster process. More importantly, they help free up your floor space so you can park your vehicle inside.

Ready to give your garage the makeover it deserves? Turn to Innovative Spaces, Inc., to learn more about your options. Call us now at (574) 217-0469 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

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